Body Prophecy through Pastor Judith Ann Glasse ............................................................................. July 25, 1999


"For the Spirit of the Lord would speak on this wise that My heart is turned toward you this day and I would speak to you of things to come. I would speak to things that I desire to bring forth in your life; I would speak of things pertaining to your divine destiny--the reason and the purpose for which I have called you, the reason and the purpose for which I have placed you on the earth for such a time as this. I have foreordained before the foundation of the earth that you should be called by My Name, that you should be part of a generation that shall know no limitations in the natural or in the Spirit, that you shall be a generation that shall transcend boundaries and the things that have been as a restriction to the people of God. That which would divide and that would keep apart, I have called you to tear down. I have called you to tear down walls, I have called you as repairers of the breach. I have called you, fathers, that you should turn the hearts of your children to the Lord and I have spoken to the children, to the young, that they should seek the Lord God of their fathers. I am He who destroys division; I am He that would bring forth a unity in My body and the love of God that shall transcend all, for is it not written that love covers a multitude of sins? Even so in this lady Church, in My beautiful Bride, in My Body, there shall be no distinction and there shall be no separation between male nor female, neither between race, neither between the generations but, I shall cause My people to flow as one people, a people that were not a people have no become the people of God, a people out of every kindred, people, tribe, nation and tongue. Even I, by the Spirit of God, have called them to Zion, I have called them as a holy people, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, that they should proclaim the praise and the glory of their God and as truly as I live, says the Lord, the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall fill all the earth as waters cover the sea. You, My people, are a part, even a vital part of that which I should do. I have heard the prayers of My people even for the nation and I have not turned My back, buy My ear is turned toward your cry and to the cry of My righteous ones that I should send forth a move of My Spirit. Where darkness and where sin greatly abound shall not the grace of God abound more? And I have called you as light bearers and witnesses.

Consider not your age, say not, "Lord, I am too old, I shall leave it for the young" or say, 'Lord, I am young and inexperienced and unqualified, how can you use me, oh God?" For I say to you that the necessary qualifications are a willing mind and a willing spirit and a humble heart, and I am He that shall fill and I am He that shall equip and I am He that shall give the anointing to destroy the yoke. Even in your own life I shall cause fear to be destroyed from the midst of you, from your inner parts will I destroy fear, fear of the fear of man and fear of others, what they would think and what they would say and even a holy boldness will I minister unto you that you shall walk in the anointing and the power and authority that I have destined you to walk in, says the Lord, for you are My hands and you are My feet and you are My mouth, says the Lord. I shall embolden you and empower you that you shall go forth into the highways and the byways and you shall proclaim the word of the Lord from the least unto the greatest; I shall anoint you and I shall set you aside and fill you, fill you as a vessel filled with the anointing oil of your God, and that supply shall not run out, says the Lord. As you seek My face and as you walk in fellowship with me there shall be no limit. Do you hear me, My beloved, I say there shall be no limit and there shall be no lack and whatsoever you have need of, I am your Father that shall supply, for the hour is late, and there is a great and a mighty work that is yet to be done. For I am calling you this day to enlarge your faith; I am calling you to sharpen your vision to cause you to look from the failures and the troubles and the heartaches of the past that you shall know that it is a new day that dawns upon you. So I say to you, limit Me not but ask largely of your God, ask largely of the Lord for lands and for souls and for workers that My Kingdom may go forth and that this work that I desire to do may be established. I even I, speak to you to loose yourselves and go forth in My faith and in the Spirit of the Lord that you shall call forth and bring into existence even by the profession and confession of your mouth, even out of that faith that I place within your heart, those things that I desire for you.

I speak concerning not only a spiritual work, I speak concerning a natural work for now is the time of manifestation. Now is the time that I shall bring forth into reality, into this dimension, that which has been prepared in the Spirit, that which has been awaiting My appointed time even shall I bring forth, for now is the time, that I shall arise, now is the time that I shall arise. I shall arise, says the Lord, and have mercy upon Zion, and My people which I have created for My name shall praise me. I shall hear and regard the prayer of the destitute, those who have been trodden upon, those who have been afflicted, those who have mourned in Zion, I am going to give beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning that I shall cause your weeping to be turned to joy and your sackcloth to be traded for the garments of praise and for dancing and rejoicing in the house of your God. Oh, My people, there is so much I desire to do for you but now is the time you shall come forth, you shall not hold back but you shall come forth, says your God, that I might pour into you and pour unto and pour unto you; there shall be no darkness and there shall be no trembling and there shall no longer be waiting and hiding in the shadows but you shall go forth saying, "My God is with me." For is it not written the people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits? Praise me this day for I refresh you, to empower you for the days ahead. For you shall not fear the things that shall come upon the earth, but you shall be as a strong and a mighty army who will not turn back but will go forward to possess the Kingdom, says your God."