Rev. Neil Glasse

One night back in May, I was asleep when the Spirit of the Lord awakened me and directed me to go downstairs to my prayer room and wait upon Him in prayer.  As I knelt before the Lord the Holy Spirit began moving on me and I was lifted up by the Spirit in a vision.  As I was being lifted up, up by the Spirit I looked and saw the earth covered over with a dark cloud.  As I stared at this cloud covering the earth I began to shiver, and the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me: "Servant of the Lord, you feel the trouble in your soul that is sweeping over the earth.  It is well, for you have been called out from among many to stand as a watchman upon the wall, to cry aloud prepare the way of the Lord, for judgement and trouble shall visit the earth.”  Then as I stood there staring at that ugly cloud covering the earth, I could hear what seemed like cries and travailing.  As I continued to peer, into the cloud, it parted, just like someone had picked up the end of a curtain and pulled it back.  What I saw filled my soul with horror, for I could see many things that will be, many, many of these things the Spirit of the Lord bid me to hold up, for now was not the time, yet a little longer and the command to ‘cry aloud’ and reveal those things shown to me would be given, But I can tell you this.  I saw also, along with the terrible things of the judgements of God, a light shining and in the center of the Light there was a fountain and people were kneeling beside the fountain, oh a great number that could not be counted, and were singing and praying unto the Lord. It was astonishing to behold this scene, for all around this light was darkness and agony and great tribulation, but in this light, where the children of the Lord dwelt, there was joy and peace and a spiritual moving that I've never seen before.  As I beheld this sight the Spirit of the Lord moved on me to turn my eyes to the right and as I did, I saw hundreds and hundreds of people, more than I could possibly number walking on a pathway towards this light.  I stood there without saying a word when the Spirit bid me look closer.  As I did, I saw people walking in chains, some had ropes about them, some were being held by others trying to keep them from moving on towards that light; others were walking with crutches and canes, others were crawling, trying valiantly to reach that light.  As I Stared at them, everything within me cried out and I said - ‘oh God, give me the Word, give me the anointing to deliver these people’ and as I said these words again the Spirit spoke to me - "Servant of the Lord, you have seen the multitudes traveling on a pathway of sorrow.  They are the many who have dedicated their lives unto the Lord and are being attacked by satan.  The Lord is mindful of their needs and shall lead them out of the bondage into the liberty of the Lord.  He shall heal their wounds and loose their shackles, for the Lord is faithful unto His Word.  Servant of the Lord, you are hereby commanded to launch out into the harvest field.  You will not stand alone, the Lord thy God doth stand with you.  He will be your strength, He will be your protection, He will be your anointing that will bring deliverance to the multitudes.  The vision you have beheld is soon to be reality.  Woe be unto those who stand in the dark place.  But blessed shall be those who stand in the Light of the Lord.  Servant of the Lord, hear this Word and be mindful of the command, for many of my servants have followed their own ways, but a few have I chosen to stand upon the watchman’s wall in these last days.  He that is from Everlasting to Everlasting, the Alpha and the Omega commandeth that you look beyond the friendship of man, and know that those who will stand with you standeth with God, those that stand against you, standeth against God.  He that is faithful to this call oh Servant of the Lord, shall be counted as a friend to the cause of Christ.  Fear not what men will say against you, for you are being brought forth and endowed with power from on High, that you will decrease and He shall increase.  Now obey ".