“Just as spoken in your letter and the word that came by prophecy…the following morning as I arose early to begin another day, God met with me in prayer…I wept and prayed in the Spirit like I haven’t in a long time.  Thank you for standing in the gap, I have much love and respect for you.” – A.A., McFarland, CA


                “Thanks for your love, Sister.  Every prophecy that you send me, I seal them in a plastic cover to keep them safe.  I enjoy reading them again and again, and they draw me ever closer to the Lord…I thank God for your ministry and for such a great Sister dedicated to the Lord.” – T.L., San Jose, CA


                “Just wanted to let you know that the last 2 prophecies that God gave you for us were right on point!  The first one was confirmation I needed…God also had given me a dream; just before I woke up, the prophecy arrived in the mail.  I love God!  I didn’t write you but He knew what I needed!” 
“I thank God for UCM and your ministry.  There isn’t a ministry out here like this and the integrity of the prophetic word that I trust!” - J.L., Tracy, CA


                “You are such a comforter to me, and I deeply enjoy your letters with the Lord’s encouraging words.  The Lord truly reaches out through your letters and knows where I am and what I’m going through…I first heard your husband in Fremont 40 years ago.  He was a true beacon for me finding the Lord.  I still remember his fiery broadcasts on KFAX.  I sent in small donations then, and your letters have followed me ever since.  The Lord bless you…you are a true comfort today, helping me to know the Lord and His Spirit better.” – P.M., Lathrop, CA


                “…One evening I went to your website to catch up on the media broadcast to listen to the current program, for whatever reason I chose to listen first to “Moving Forward in God.”  The moment I started to listen the Spirit of the Lord just fell in the room and everything you were speaking was like what I have been feeling in the past months…Thank you for your prayers, letters and gifts which have been timely where real life matters.  Sometimes we need to realign with the purposes of God.” – D.N., San Jose, CA


"Thank you for the broadcast.  It Blesses me so much every night! - S.G., San Pablo, CA


"I'm grateful for your encouraging letters - they always arrive at the perfect time with an important message for me." - L.H, SanDiego, CA


"I treasure your letters!  So much preaching is "adequate" but seems to be dealing with surface issues.  I appreciate your exposition of the meat of the Word." - D.M., San Jose, CA


"At the end of my waiting and relying one Him, I got the victory.  By being obedient and patient, I got my miracle.  I don't forget that your prayers, dear Judith, avail much.  I thank God for having you as a friend....I love to read your newsletters.  They are full of wisdom, knowledge, humor and I know that is a gift from God." - J.K., Brentwood, CA


     "I have not written lately but I think of you often. Your ministry and words from the Lord have sustained me.  Like many of the other UCM Partners I have read and re-read your letters.  Your words have meant and continue to mean much to me.  I'm led, instructed and encouraged...  My life is bing healed and I am growing in Christ."  Z.F., Fresno, CA


    "Thank you so much for your continued prayers for me and your prophecies.  They are always so encouraging.  I look forward to receiving them.  I read them over and over.  Usually I keep your letters in my night stand.  I like to read at bedtime, over and over.  I remember meeting you and Bro. Glasse for the first time years ago when I visited you Church in Hayward.  I continued visiting...and the presence of God was always there....When I moved from CA here I kept in contact with you and you continued praying for me and sending encouraging prophecies.  I thank God for you!" A.M., Las Cruces, NM.


    "Giving ALL glory to God for your love and dedication to serving the Lord.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  Thank you for being led by God and His Holy Spirit.  I have listened to you by way of my little Sony transistor radio for more than 25 years.  WOW what a blessing and an encouragement you are!  Peace and blessings to you!"  K.H., Oakland, CA


    "...Always so excited to receive your wonderful Spirit-filled letters!  Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and caring.  I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful Prayer Partner like you and have spent much time reading over a drawer full of your precious letters.  You are so special to all of us; I can imagine all the sincere prayers that are going up for us!  J.S., Sequim, WA