"Thank you for the broadcast.  It Blesses me so much every night! - S.G., San Pablo, CA


"I'm grateful for your encouraging letters - they always arrive at the perfect time with an important message for me." - L.H, SanDiego, CA


"I treasure your letters!  So much preaching is "adequate" but seems to be dealing with surface issues.  I appreciate your exposition of the meat of the Word." - D.M., San Jose, CA


"At the end of my waiting and relying one Him, I got the victory.  By being obedient and patient, I got my miracle.  I don't forget that your prayers, dear Judith, avail much.  I thank God for having you as a friend....I love to read your newsletters.  They are full of wisdom, knowledge, humor and I know that is a gift from God." - J.K., Brentwood, CA